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Mar 2016
Mar 07 2016 08:22
hi. I've built a chatroom with text and audio only with my own customized signalling server. The problem is, if the user doesn't have any audio devices he's removed from the room automatically and we want to allow users to use the text chat in that case.
I've been looking through the codes for hours and still couldn't find the place that's sending the leave command. Is this implemented in SimpleWebRTC library or can anyone give some clues?
Andrew Lee
Mar 07 2016 08:43
you can create the SimpleWebrtc object with its autoRequestMedia set to false and then join the room
how did you set up your signalling server? any tips?
Mar 07 2016 09:10
Well I just managed to do it at the moment... Gave a coffeebreak and reset everything and it's not forcing to leave anymore, probably there was some inconsistencies with the data which was triggering some authentication things.
and all I had to do is to emit "join" through the socket connection on localMediaError event and looks like it's working now
webrtc.on('localMediaError', function () {