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Aug 2016
Amit Mondal
Aug 02 2016 04:09
@derrickaubin Yeah I'm having the same issue. I rebuilt the bundle with build.js, but regardless of what I place the peerConnectionConfig in webrtc.js it seems to be overwritten.
Amit Mondal
Aug 02 2016 06:24

@derrickaubin My goal is to force usage of TURN candidates. I managed to override the default set of servers by going to "peer.js" and creating my own peerConnectionConfig object and passing it in:

this.pc = new PeerConnection({your config obj}, this.parent.config.peerConnectionConstraints)

Aug 02 2016 08:04
@derrickaubin Xirsys Servers have credentials that only valid for a short time. you have to update them every xxx seconds.
Amit Mondal
Aug 02 2016 08:35

@StudioInteractive @derrickaubin Ah well, that's unfortunate. I did manage to force TURN by setting iceTransports = "relay" in the peerConnectionConfig, but this is still within peer.js

Need to find out why setting the peerConnectionConfig from index.html doesn't actually get passed down to the Peerconnection object in the internals.

Or if it does, why I'm doing it wrong. Not a jab to the creators.
Derrick Aubin
Aug 02 2016 12:19
@StudioInteractive @mondalamit I am OK with the credentials lasting for a short period of time. IIRC that is a best practice from a security POV.
@mondalamit Thanks for the advice on modifying peer.js