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Nov 2016
Nov 23 2016 09:05
Hi,I want to create SimpleWebRT object(with autorequestmedia =false) in document.ready like this
this.webrtc = new SimpleWebRTC({
// the id/element dom element that will hold "our" video
localVideoEl: 'localVideo',
// the id/element dom element that will hold remote videos
remoteVideosEl: '',
// immediately ask for camera access
autoRequestMedia: false,
debug: false,
detectSpeakingEvents: true,
autoAdjustMic: false
and then if any user click buton I want to set that object autorequest media=true
like this callAccepted(partnerClientId)
this.webrtc.autoRequestMedia=true; ............... but this not work what should I do?
I am using singalr server-client app.I must go in that way.I must firstly create SimpleWebRT with autoreuest false and then when user click accept buton I must set this property to true like this but this not work for me : this.webrtc.autoRequestMedia=true