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Jan 2017
Jan 11 2017 13:19

Hi guys. I have a few quick SimpleWebRTC lib questions:

  1. Is there a way to pass in the screenshare mandatory options or possible to set them retrospectively. I particularly desire to set the maxFrameRate option which is fixed at 3 FPS :(

  2. Is there a clean we to quietly feature test screensharing without creating an instance of SimpleWebRTC?
    I can use navigator.getUserMedia to achieve this for video features, however that is not so straightforward for screensharing (on the SimpleWebRTC instance we have shareScreen method cb, but we get the UI pop up). getScreenMedia (testing for err in the cb) would do the trick perfectly however there is no way to reach that (or find a wrapped version statically from SimpleWebRTC). Ideally we would have a static feature test for the key capabilities video streaming and screen share.

  3. startLocalVideo has no callback or promise to be able to inline the success / failure of opening a stream.