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Apr 2017
Apr 13 2017 00:05
How might one disable the video?
media: { audio: true, video: true },
Saeid Saati
Apr 13 2017 18:10
hi, I need to create my signaling server with C# not node.js. I created a XHR singaling server, it pass JSON to the client and read messages from client using Server-Sent Events (in HTML5). but I don't know how can I map this way to simplewebrtc connection and signaling, plz help me. thank you !
Tobias Steinmann
Apr 13 2017 20:47
Hi Saeid, I just want to say that I'm also planing to implement the signaling in C#/ASP.NET. Is your project open source?
SimpleWebRTC uses, so the signal server needs to work with this or SimpleWebRTC needs to be modified.