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Apr 2017
Saeid Saati
Apr 14 2017 00:38
hi Tobias, it's open source but maybe now I run both of them together, node.js on a port and C# just as a website to manage users, it seems there is no port of signal master for C#
Saeid Saati
Apr 14 2017 04:50
now I'm thinking about running both together (it's easier way) : simplewebrtc and node.js run together and we know that simplewebrtc need a ROOM name, we can pass this name using C# ! so we can use our user's emails for creating that ROOM name and then pass it to our client side(view in mvc). then simplewebrtc can use it to communicate with its signalmaster(node.js) server ! note that our is on port 80 but our node.js in on port for example 8888 and they can have communicate together
Saeid Saati
Apr 14 2017 05:44
also I found now (edge) maybe we can run signalmaster(nodejs) exactly on the c# using this.
and if you want to implement it in C#, now you can create signalmaster using edge and then compile it as a signalmaster.dll
Tobias Steinmann
Apr 14 2017 07:10
Cool, will look at this approach.