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Apr 2017
Apr 22 2017 00:06 UTC
Hi, I need some help as I can't pinpoint what's causing this issue. Basically, I have a button that a user clicks on and it will run webrtc.startLocalVideo(). They then choose their media devices and starts streaming. Once the video is showing up (locally), if any peers are currently in the room, they need to reload the page in order to see the newly added video. How do we make it so the video is automatically shown (without requiring the existing peers to reload the page?) Seems like it's not listening for the event or the event is not sending to the peers? I am using signal-master but not sure if I have it all setup properly. The peers can view other peers cams, just the hassle of having to reload the page, so I assume the signal-master IS working but something else isn't. Any help would be appreciated :smile: