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Apr 2017
Apr 28 2017 00:29
also noticing a similar issue with webrtc.stopLocalVideo() it doesn't trigger videoRemoved event for other peers and leaves a video element that is frozen.
Apr 28 2017 08:59
@notasgoodasyou First: the readyToCall event is not reliable for some specific scenarios of using webrtc. If you want to join a room without a mic or cam, for reasons like nocam or mic available or you dont want to give permission to access them, this event will be never triggered. Second: Never Call JoinRoom twice without a proper disconnect from the signaling server it will not trigger a peers update. Use leaveRoom() and give it some time to make a proper disconnect with all the communication needed to inform other peers about changes. After that you can rejoin the room again.
Apr 28 2017 20:49
@StudioInteractive Thanks for the advice, I have added the leaveRoom() and it fixed an issue I was having with duplicate video streams showing up when they cam up. Would you happen to know how I can use handlePeerStreamRemoved(peer) method? I have a button that triggers stopLocalVideo() but that only works for the local peer and "videoRemoved" event is not sent to other peers so I end up with a frozen cam for peers. I was thinking maybe handlePeerStreamRemoved() is a way to do let other peers know?