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Aug 2017
Aug 18 2017 15:15
can anyone guide me to implement p2p video/audio stream
betweeen browser and android phone
please tell me how is done . I will read more
I tried peerjs but it supports only brosers
Aug 18 2017 15:33

The WebRTC is a technology specific to web-browsers.

Sure thing, IF you really have four ballz on Java and Android APIs, maybe you can emulate WebRTC on an Android APP and make it to talk to a web-browser.

BUT, this is at an academic level of programming, then I guess no one, even s/he's of this caliber, cannot explain you in a web-chat how it is done.

How you go "Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi!" in this humble chat, I safely bet that what you ask is way long over your own competences... ;)

Aug 18 2017 15:39

Long story short, what you ask is something like: "I want to send a rocket to Mars. Please tell me how to make it."

Yeah, it could be done, and it was done in the past, but not by a Garage Inventor and probably cannot be explained how to do it, in few words in a public web-chat... :smiling_imp: