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Oct 2017
The Karaoke Research Council
Oct 08 2017 01:31
@StudioInteractive thank you, that worked.

Is there any way to disconnect from a peer, or never start listening to them in the first place? If I set receiveMedia: { offerToReceiveAudio: 0, offerToReceiveVideo: 0} it will ignore peers already in the channel, but if somebody new joins, I still automatically get the videoAdded and the video starts streaming to me. Any way to disable that behavior, or just disconnect from any clients I don't care about?

I'm building a many-to-one video switching app, something akin to a mini TV studio so I want to have one listening channel and several cameras broadcasting to it that don't send/receive to each other.

I figure probably not since this is "Simple" WebRTC, but worth a shot! Thanks.