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Oct 2017
Oct 09 2017 08:53
@karaokeresearch This is a little more complicated,you have to find out which type you are (TVSender, TVReciever) before you init Simplewebrtc. Depending on the type, you will need to load different listeners,so you can have different behavior for the same listener. (As in your case: TVSender does somethin other when 'onVideoAdded' then TVReciever). After this you can create webrtc with the nick parameter var webrtc = new SimpleWebRTC({
nick: 'TVSender or TVReciever',
}); So that you can tell your peers apart.
if you can tell your peers apart, you can stop the communication to the unwanted peer
Oct 09 2017 09:01
the peer have to remove/stop his stream to the peer with nick TVSender
Oct 09 2017 10:07
Hi, I want to developed a software that is customer support by using webrtc, But I couldn't handle that keeping same connection on different browser tabs, each tabs created own peerConnection object, Is there a way to handle this problem
The Karaoke Research Council
Oct 09 2017 16:51
@StudioInteractive thank you. How do I actually stop the communication with the peer I do not wish to communicate with? I couldn't find a function on the peer object that is like "stop talking to me."