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Jan 2018
Jan 26 2018 11:07
Dear WebRTC experts,
I'm a desperate software engineer needing a media server to stream H264 video from a set of IP Cameras to my HTML5 Web app. The Web app runs on Chrome/Android and Chrome/iOS in the context of a local network (outside internet).
I wish to use UDP protocol & WebRTC to reduce the video footprint on the local network and minimize latency displaying real time video.
I do not need any fancy replay or sound feature, just the muted video in real time with smallest latency.
The media server is going to run a Synology NAS Rs815+ that already supports Docker, because I already use it to store the video from the IP cams.
I gave a try to Kurento media server without success so far.
Would it be possible with SimpleWebRTC ?
What development time would it take to display my video stream in an empty HTML 5 web page using SimpleWebRTC ? Hours ? Days ? Weeks ?
Where could I get detailled step by step procedure to achieve this proof of concept ?
Thanks & Regards,