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May 2018
Daniel Nesov
May 16 2018 14:21
May 16 2018 15:44
Nicolas Klein
May 16 2018 17:43
Hi. I've been having some instances of the data channel stuck in 'connecting'. It happens only sometimes on certain clients and not at all on other clients. I need to reproduce it to be able to give a lot more information, but on firefox I get an 'ice failed' error (I'll come back later with more info)
If anyone has any information on what may be the cause, more than appreciated. I expect it might be some problem with the connection link (potentially the stun can't break the nat sometimes?)
We are using google's stun , but tried with others, and a vanilla signalmaster (and tried using simple webrtc's)
no turn for now as we haven't got a server in the right locations and for our product we rely heavily on real time.