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May 2018
May 18 2018 05:31
Same Problem here. I overwrite the $STUNSERVER_URL, simplewebrtc reconnects unexpectedly. In my case, both clients get „videoRemoved“ messages, then simplewebrtc rejoins the room. I spent the hole day to fix this problem, but I'm stuck now. Good to know, that there are other people with the same problem. Is there a way to use a free signaling server. I do not have the opportunity to set up my own. Hope this problem will be fixed. Thx
Philipp Hancke
May 18 2018 07:10
the old sandbox server is gone. please run your own
and the other server currently has issues. Again, please use your own.
May 18 2018 07:13
ok, thanks ... good to know ... I already set up my own signaling server
May 18 2018 07:16
No more free lunch, guys! :smiling_imp:
May 18 2018 07:26
thanks for the infos. used this for development the last two years. but now we have to pay for signaling.
May 18 2018 07:29

Excuse me, but what is wrong with making your own signaling server, as you like?

Oh, and BTW, you can do signaling in your own development machine, eventually in a virtual machine, if you have no intention to pay for your own signaling server in a VPS or whatever, just for development.

I for one, I think that the developers made a mistake offering that sandbox server from beginning.

May 18 2018 10:50
@fippo do you know if the sandbox server will be fixed?