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May 2018
Anirudh Gurumurthi
May 21 2018 10:16
do anyone know when this problem is resolved?
May 21 2018 10:22

It is safe to assume you should make your own signaling server now and forever.

WebRTC is not just some fancy javascript running in your browser, but a complex infrastructure containing signaling server, STUN and TURN servers.

Guess what? Someone should pay for those servers. YOU!
You do not want to pay for these servers? No problem! Praise to your favorite god for free food.
No god gives you free food? I know, that's embarrassing but someone should pay for certain goods, i.e. food.
May 21 2018 10:28
For example, how many of you guys, who use the sandbox for "development" donated to this project $1 ?
No one? That's why there is no free food. Because those guys cannot feed you ad infinitum.