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May 2018
May 23 2018 08:27 UTC
Hello. Does simplewebrtc work right now for Safari, especially video receiver?
May 23 2018 12:19 UTC
Hello @lawlietmester , yes it's works since IOS 11 and the new version of Safari
Nicolas Klein
May 23 2018 12:51 UTC
Data link is not working though, right?
As I haven't been able to get that to work on my setup
By the way, I found a bug on signalmaster if you set the channel limit to anything other than 0, it blows up as there is a new syntax from to get the users from that group. I'll try to issue a PR later but I don't know whether this is a problem unique to my setup (version of or everyone has the same problem
May 23 2018 16:28 UTC
hi . how can i execute signalmaster on https Portocol ?
i run ./scripts/ but localhost:8888 is http
Nicolas Klein
May 23 2018 16:36 UTC
I'm not sure whether you can serve localhost over https. You need to set serve https to true in the config on a server that supports https
May 23 2018 17:58 UTC
in development.json i change the details , secure to TRUE ...
there is one question . what is the value of key & cert ?
location ? ./config/sslcerts/key.pem ?? how can i active https ? :((((
May 23 2018 18:00 UTC

Stop using localhost, specially when playing with HTTPS!

Heck, is so simple to define your own local site, just adding into hosts something like santaclaus.local

localhost is for losers! :school:
AND NOPE, Windows does NOT play well with NodeJS; learn Linux, man!