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May 2018
May 24 2018 06:11 UTC
خیلی ممنون که هیچکسی نتونست کمک کنه . یک ایرانی همیشه تنهایی میتونه به موفقیت برسه . نیازی هم به کسی نیست .
May 24 2018 06:13 UTC

OK, have fun with HTTPS in localhost. You convinced me. :smirk:

BTW, usually there are no Arabic speakers.

May 24 2018 08:51 UTC

I seen that creating a proper installation of the native signaling server, made in top of NodeJS, for SimpleWebRTC create problems.

Theoretically speaking, if there really is interest, I can write an signaling server compatible with the API offered by signalmaster, BUT made in PHP and in top of the excellent PHPSocketIO

Will be a PHP CLI/console application, which I guess will be simple to launch, just executing a script.

So, how much interest is for a thing like this?

May 24 2018 08:58 UTC
To note that I do NOT intend to host myself a sandbox. That signalmaaster alternative will be put in a GitHub repository and you guys shall make your own signaling servers.