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    Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to do multicast directly from a browser, do you think it is possible with webrtc ?
    Wild dreams...
    Do you think you could tell me why it’s not possible ?

    Was already explained about 100 times on this very chat why is not possible. If you are kind to scroll this chat, you will learn interesting things.

    For example, that from time on time, someone have a brilliant idea: why I would need multi-billions worth servers when could be done with a web browser?

    The bad news is that at least until now, they bitten the dirt quickly, but honestly I will love to see someone managing that.

    Also I will love to see someone managing to transform the lead in gold just waving the hand.

    But also honestly I have no hopes to see either in my short life span. Apparently we can't outlive more than 120 years and I am already over 40.
    Ok, thanks ! I didn’t know about it. I’ll try to see what I can find in this chat !
    @vdaura you might be able to acomplish multicast by using a media server that supports webRTC channels, but then as @LuckyCyborg says,,, got pay for those servers, been working on something like this myself.
    Hey is it possible to create a chain for one stream?
    i want to be able to have one stream get passed on to 5 others, but i dont want to create a mesh for it
    Hello is anybody outther!?

    Man, how many times should be repeated and repeated that the Socket.io isn't a thing to build mesh networks?

    Call it "chain" but it is still a freaking "mesh"

    Hello! There's no such thing as "free lunch" !
    @LuckyCyborg what r u talkin about ?
    i built a mesh using socket.io already
    so i dunno what u talkin about...
    and im tryin to build a literral chain at this point, NOT a mesh
    but im not doing that anymore
    since u cant addtracks on the received streams
    so im using datachannel
    to send over an arraybuffer
    thats clearly not a mesh, ITS CHAIN, where every new peer connects ONLY to the last connected peer
    Assalam o Alaikum, i'm pairing webRTC in Angular via Firestore, i have some queries regarding that, does someone get enough time to answer them? my Final Year Presentation is on coming Wednesday, 24th April, in a bit serious and tensed situation. Thanks, waiting for someone's reply, either here or in inbox.
    Hi.! I have reached to do an videoconference app
    however I'm trying to send an object in userData props from the Component Connected however I cant't read it in the value peers from Component Room
    I don't know why
    Help me please

    Hey all, I have a short question, that I hope you can maybe guide me in the right direction.

    I want to implement a camera-service in python that distributes a live stream of a USB-Camera to other services. I want to do this without an internet connection over the local network. I have two other services that use the stream, a classification service, in python and a front-end that displays the live stream written in html and javascript.

    without an internet connection, the streaming with aiortc between the python services works without any problems

    but the streaming between the camera service and the front-end in javascript does only work with an internet connection

    You can find the whole question here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56582908/webrtc-connection-on-localhost-without-an-internet-connection

    hey anyone know a guide or something to run webrtc in linux
    chaitanya ashtekar
    Suppose multiple peers are connected to one peer(the one running the extension) is there any way to pause sending stream to one peer?
    Vasil Vasilev
    Hi does anybody have sudden problem with simpleWebRTC-with-adapterBundle ?
    Without changing my code whatsoever the iceconnection between the peers is terminated after 10 seconds
    I have also opened an issue about that
    Hello, guys, How can i create a turn server on windows?
    Lucy King
    Having problems allowing microphone access - sporadically, for some users, on various browsers. Anyone experience the same/have any suggestions? thanks!
    Sujith Sizon
    hey guys