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If you ask for websockets, primus has the requirements that don't exist, uws. Eslint is the wrong version
[13:13:52] Error: task completion callback called too many times
at finish (/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/angudev/node_modules/orchestrator/lib/runTask.js:15:10)
at /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/angudev/node_modules/orchestrator/lib/runTask.js:43:4
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)
-- New interesting problem
Andrew Koroluk
@KobeForr24Codes Angular 6.x.x
@codesmith55 please read the README file
also, there's some history with the uws issue
the author of that package sort of removed it from npm
should be fixed in the latest release, rc 4
why is this outdated and what is a reasonable alternative?
when i scaffold a new project i have a long list of deprecation and security warnings
I am getting this error when I use the current generator with type-script "Error: Can't resolve all parameters for ApplicationModule: (?). compiler.js:1021", in the client. Does anyone know whats the issue?
Xavid Ramirez
@salvobellino95 If you want a functioning generator, just install the @4.2.3 version. Although it is using Angularjs rather than Angular 6, it works perfectly fine and is still very good to use.
Kevin Campion
Hi, after a fresh installation, I have "「wdm」: Failed to compile." with "gulp serve" or "npm run start:client"
Kevin Campion
Working better with "yo angular-fullstack:app" instead of "yo angular-fullstack"
What is the difference?
Joseph Safwat Khella
hello guys
i'm having troubles in importing a new module in the app.module it says that app is not a known element, any ideas?
Sunil Munikar
trying to run app after fresh install I receive following error
"Uncaught Error: Can't resolve all parameters for ApplicationModule: (?)."
Did anyone figured out what is the issue ?
Muhammad Faran Ali
I'm getting this error, while my doesn't matter NODE_ENV is production or development
Murugesh Nadar
I followed the steps to scaffold the app using "yo angular-fullstack" command after installing the app I am not able to get the app up and running i am getting error as "Cannot GET /" how to resolve this issue
Adrien L
@webxteria same error...
Andrej Zachar
Hello, could you please advise what are the advantages to use your generator in contrast to angular 7 cli tool?
Hi Do anyone has idea how to use socket in controllers of angular fullstack?
Alejandro R
i have problems wiht babel register?
what can i do
Xavid Ramirez
What problem or error s the console throwing?
Miguel Alché
I too have problems with it
[20:52:38] Failed to load external module @babel/register
Miguel Alché
Trying to use version 4.2.3 now
Miguel Alché
yes (L) it's working with node version ^6.11.3
Miguel Alché
the ng-component generator isnt working
Imtiyaz Momin

Hi There! I am stuck with an issue which I can't figure what I did to break.
I've deployed my app to Heroku, I used to able to access the client app from my domain (https://beta.socialproof.buzz) but I cannot anymore. The API works fine (https://beta.socialproof.buzz/api/things). I can access the client app from Heroku's internal URL https://beta-socialproofbuzz.herokuapp.com/login but I cannot from https://beta.socialproof.buzz anymore.

Any idea why? Please Advice.

Hey how's everyone doing?
Soo I tried latest rc4 but couldnt get it up and running so I reverted back to v4.2.3 and it was working yesterday... Went to run the app today and it isn't working now...
gulp serve attempts to start things than I get kicked back into the console
the last line I get is [nodemon] starting node server than nothing happens, no errors
Using node v10.15.3 LTS and MongoDB v4.0.9 on Ubuntu 18.04
sudo gulp serve seems to work...
hii i just intsalled angular fullstack generator today and i am not getting landing page as shown here
can you please tell me what i have todo to get that landing page as shown in above link. Thanks in advance...
Valerio Merani
Hey, i am using angular-fullstack for angularjs and ran into an issue with the client side not updating any more on file modification. I've tried to figure out how the technology works, thought it was watch, but it's not. can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thomas Schaffter
Hey, I want to make a donation to help this project as a thanks for providing me with a great boilerplate for an angular project. I see that https://opencollective.com/angular-fullstack is archived. What is the preferred way to support this project?
hi, quiet in here... Angular Fullstack v5.0.0-rc.4 is looking good though
Tonghua Li
[22:18:31] Failed to load external module @babel/register
[22:18:31] Requiring external module babel-register
} = primordials;

ReferenceError: primordials is not defined
I follow the instruction on the page but got error, how can I fix it?
Tonghua Li
use node 11.15.0 works