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Repo info
    Rene Korss
    I will write PR soon
    Rene Korss
    But is cropped boolean enough? Maybe my non-working timeframes are hidden, but now I want to add visible non-working timeframe.
    Rémi Alvergnat
    working-mode = cropped|visible|hidden|undefined
    forget about cropped property
    workingMode property (without -)
    Rémi Alvergnat
    v1.2.0 released
    Rémi Alvergnat
    v1.2.1 released
    Scott T Neaves
    Hi all - I'm having an issue the gantt chart not showing headers for units of time smaller than 'day'. I think I'm probably just not understanding which attribute to use - maybe one of you can help me understand. Here's a fork of the demo plunker which demonstrates the problem. Whenever I add anything smaller than 'day' to the 'headers' attribute, those header rows are zeroed out. I want to get an hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute breakdown of my tasks.
    Hi Team,
    I trying to install angular-gantt using bower
    But unfortunately I am getting below Errors..

    $ bower install angular-gantt --save
    bower not-cached https://github.com/moment/moment-timezone.git#~2.9.0
    bower resolve https://github.com/moment/moment-timezone.git#~2.9.0
    bower not-cached https://github.com/angular-gantt/angular-gantt.git#*
    bower resolve https://github.com/angular-gantt/angular-gantt.git#*
    bower download https://github.com/angular-gantt/angular-gantt/archive/v1.2.6.tar.gz
    bower progress angular-gantt# received 2.2MB of 2.7MB downloaded, 81%
    bower progress angular-gantt#
    received 2.4MB of 2.7MB downloaded, 91%
    bower extract angular-gantt#* archive.tar.gz
    bower resolved https://github.com/angular-gantt/angular-gantt.git#1.2.6
    bower ENORESTARGET No tag found that was able to satisfy ~2.9.0

    Additional error details:
    Available versions: 0.4.0, 0.3.1, 0.3.0, 0.2.5, 0.2.4, 0.2.3, 0.2.2, 0.2.1, 0.2.0, 0.1.0, 0.0.6, 0.0
    .5, 0.0.4, 0.0.3, 0.0.2, 0.0.1

    can you please guide me how to resolve?
    Joey Osseman
    Question - are there any plans to migrate angular-gantt to angular 2.0 when released?
    Rémi Alvergnat
    No plans
    Currently there's no plan because neither Schweigi or I have the need for it.
    Mohideen Pitchai
    How can i add more column in angular-grantt
    Like Name,status,email Id,Phone Number etc with angular-grantt
    hi, im trying to install angular-gantt manually, but im getting below errors.
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'normalizeUnits' of undefined
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'isMoment' of undefined and this one :/ like 20 times, can you guide me how to resolve this ?
    Mohideen Pitchai
    Hi .. How can i add a text box in left side Menu. Actually i was trying to add text box its displayed as string.
    @mohideen-tj as I understand, you use the table plugin for that column so it'S better to use contents attribute for that.
    Also, I have a question: Since I am new about github usage, I wanted to add angular gantt'S 1.2.x branch to my project as submodule so that i can control everytime any change happens. But after I altered my gitignore to delete files I don'T use, i couldn'T push the files because it was angular-gantt'S repository, so I forked them. My question is, does it also update my forked repository if there are changes?
    Kacper Banasik
    Hello, I've encountered strange bug and don't even know how to report it. When i change fromDate/toDate or filter out tasks, the visible block is not displayed properly - it starts the day after actual start. Strangely, when I call api.columns.refresh(), the item is redrawn correctly. It occurs every time. Any ideas?
    Kacper Banasik
    Okay, found out it was due to incorrect setting of current date value. However, strange thing is that when I set fromDate to today (midnight), calendar shows first column '21-10-2015' - as I expected. getColumnByDate, however, for '21-10-2015' returns two columns - 20-10-2015 and 21-10-2015, and so the first is selected. So, technically, my task which starts from 21 Oct has left position calculated from column 20 Oct, and is displayed with offset incorrectly. But I've already submitted issue. :)
    Brian Lyssy
    I posted a problem angular-gantt/angular-gantt#541 that I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction of what's going on.
    Hi, How can I add holidays , weekend and Leave's for different User. I am using the gannt chart as a Users. Please some one help me on that it would be great.
    hi, I'm trying to fix a bug and to do a PR but I don't find how to run the demo on my environment with my new code. New angular-gantt.js is built in dist folder by grunt watch. Then I run grunt and grunt serve in the demo folder but index.html is still pointing to the cdn and not to my local dist/angular-gantt.js. Thanks for your help.
    Rémi Alvergnat
    @blandine sorry for latency, but you have to use bower link to link your local gantt project into the demo app.
    Ho in fact it's not written ... I should update this file
    Prasanth Vaaheeswaran
    hey folks, i got an annoying issue. the demo code works great on touch screens, but I can't seem to drag gantt tasks on mine on touch :(
    Prasanth TJ
    Hi I'm new to the angular Gantt. I have gone through the demo in plunker. I could see the Gantt is plotted against date and time. Just want to understand can we plot against any other parameter or it should mandatorily be date and time
    William Kennedy
    @PrasanthTJ Date and time only... I think
    William Kennedy
    I have a gantt with jobs and tasks with date range limited. When the user selects a past date, I made a new query to bring to front new informations. When I do that, I receive that Error: [$rootScope:infdig] 10 $digest() iterations reached. Aborting! error in my console. With gantt directive is commented in my html, all the process run fine. So, I guess that is there some confusion when I update the models and gantt re-renderize it.
    @Toilal could you help me with this issue?
    William Kennedy
    I still have this problem with the re-render of new items... and now I have the necessity to give a range of date to user's select. So, when I retrieve the data, my angular-gantt won't updates... even calling api.rows.refresh()
    William Kennedy
    I fixed the problem with the update, but I still have the problem with digest iteration reached... later today I'll open an issue on github, I cannot find why this is happenning :/
    Prasanth TJ
    Hi all required a suggestion. I'm planning to start development with angular 2 app.
    I could also understand the existing Gant here works good with angular JS.
    Do we have a different repo for angular 2 or any suggestions of different repo to go with angular 2 gantt
    Alexander Odegov
    Hello. How i can implement plugin hooks like api.dependencies.on.add?
    <div gantt api="vm.apiConfig>
    this.apiConfig = (ganttApi) => {
                const api = ganttApi;
               api.core.on.ready(this.$scope, () => {
               api.tasks.on.change(this.$scope, (task) => this._taskChange(task));
               api.dependencies.on.add(this.$scope, dependency => {
                    <-- doesn't works-- >
    Alexander Odegov
    Solved, moved registration of api.dependencies into api.core.on.ready
    Do anyone have an example implementation in angular for this?
    Is there multi gantt drag and drop feature available in this?
    Yahya ezzahra
    Hii , who wants to help me make Angular 7 version of angular-gantt ?
    Eliran Eliassy
    Hi, any good replacements for this lib supporting versions 2+ ?