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Nicholas Bering
I’m in transit at the moment, but if you look at Labels in the upstream Google Charts docs, that might help you.
@nbering Thanks for quick reply. I am using ng-google-chart and setting data array to the chart object. I tried setting role-annotation to data array but it is not working.
Nicholas Bering
Can you provide a sample of what you tried on CodePen or JSFiddle?
@nbering Can you please tell me,How to add Suffix in Gauge chart ? I tried for formatter and added suffix:'%' but suffix is not displaying.
Anyone tried hiding columns in a table? I need to hide my annotation columns when rendering a table view.
My code:
<div google-chart chart="cellularChart" agc-before-draw="drawHandler(cellularChart, cellularChart.type)" style="{{ chartStyle }}"></div>
$scope.drawHandler = drawHandler;
    function drawHandler (chart, type) {
      if(type === "Table") {
        chart.data.hideColumns([3, 5]);
How to always see the tooltip active?
Emre Altun
hey i want use bar chart for timeline but i cant use chart js . I tried google chart but my boss dislike. Can you help me for this issue
you can send mail. altunemre6@gmail.com
Nicholas Bering

If you have a specific issue with the open source project here, I can help. But what you’re asking for sounds like consulting services (picking the right solution for your needs).

I might be able to answer openly. But I can’t provide private assistance to everyone that asks. Sorry.

i am using angular-google-chart npm for bar chart intgration , i want to change the colour of each bar how do u do that can anyone help out. Thanks.
Nicholas Bering

@amitghodke90 It depends whether the bars are each a different series, or just different values in the same series.

If they are different series they will be represented as different columns in the data table, and you can apply colour to the series with the chart options. See series in the configuration options reference: https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/barchart#configuration-options

If they are different values in the same series, they will all be in the same column but different rows. If this is the case, you could use a DataTable column with "style" role. For more on roles, see: https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/roles#what-roles-are-available

@nbering thanks for prompt reply.
i want different colored bar in same series.
putting my sample codechere
<google-chart [title]="quest.barChart.title" [type]="quest.barChart.type" [data]="quest.barChart.data" [width]="quest.barChart.width" [height]="quest.barChart.height" [columnNames]="quest.barChart.columnNames" [options]="quest.barChart.options">
where quest.barChart.data contains the actual data
const barChart = {
title: '',
type: '',
data: [],
options: {
forceIFrame: true,
legend: {position: 'none'}, colors: this.series,
is3D: true,
columnNames: [],
option is specified the series of color but its not working
its showing only one color to all bars.
Can you please give me some light on below issue.
I am getting build issue for rxJs after installing angular-google-chart .. I have the rxJs module installed already though
Nicholas Bering

@batthota I might not be of much help anyway, but I can’t really diagnose an issue from a red squiggle in a screenshot.

What’s the TypeScript build error?

Kundan kumar
Hi, can anyone please help!
I am trouble setting color for different labels
any body implement the click event on the chart ?