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    Sebastián Rojas Ricaurte
    demo is broken
    Sebastián Rojas Ricaurte
    Anthony Nahas
    I'm gonna check that the weekend

    Hi! I have a question how to use @angular-material-extensions/select-country.
    I would like to use mat-select-country as a part of my form. But when I add it as a component it's not registrated by form. Here is how I add it:

    <mat-select-country appearance="standard"
                                  label="Select country"

    And here is how I initiate:

    ngOnInit() {
        this.createHomeForm = this.formBuilder.group({
          name: ['Name here', [Validators.required]],

    As a result I'm getting this "Error: No value accessor for form control with name: 'country'"

    Anthony Nahas
    @SanderBreivik I will check that
    @olgavzhe the select country does not support right now reactive forms
    PR are welcome
    Stefan Sechelmann
    Hey @AnthonyNahas, great job with the Angular material extensions. Thanks for that 👍
    Anthony Nahas
    @sechel ur welcome 🍻👍
    Hector CyC
    Anthony Nahas
    Wassim Mehanna
    Is it the right place to get support ?
    Wassim Mehanna

    I'm using MatInputDialogData in my project.
    when using it with ng server I get no issues.

    when building it with ng b --prod --optimization=false I get :
    ERROR in ./node_modules/@angular-material-extensions/core/core.ngfactory.js Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'core' in 'C:\git\myProject\node_modules\@angular-material-extensions\core'

    i've been on this for the past few hours and can't figure out what's wrong
    using angular 8.2.3
    Anthony Nahas
    @angular-material-extensions/core this package is actually deprecated
    please try to use @angular-material-extensions/dialogs
    Hey @AnthonyNahas
    I found a small Markdown error in your README and fixed it.
    Please merge it or react to my pull request ;)
    Stay healthy...
    Anthony Nahas
    Anthony Nahas
    I am proud to introduce today ngx-storage-firebaseui , open source angular library created with angular material for firebase storage. Upload with one click multiple images to firebase. If you are familiar with ngx-auth-firebaseui, you would to add this lib to your project! Any feedback and comments are welcome! A big thanks for the angular community
    martinez del prenois
    Hey Anthony.
    I tried using @angular-materials-extensions/select-country, But I keep getting the following error; The target entry-point "@angular-material-extensions/select-country" has missing dependencies:
    • @angular/core
    • @angular/common
    • rxjs/operators
    • @angular/forms
    • rxjs
    Know how to fix it?
    Anthony Nahas
    Can u post please ur package.json file?
    It's better to track such things on github
    hey anthony
    i would like to know if the contact extension supports localization?
    Anthony Nahas
    @messaddek i18n is not supported
    but any PRs are welcome
    Hi @AnthonyNahas . I have integrated @angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete.. Its looks very nice , Can you help me to understand to add one feature that by default I want to show Users current location there in autocomplete whenever autocomplete is getting load .. is this feature there in autocomplete?
    Anyone answers will appreciate it.

    Hi, we had a password strength directive written for angularJs. I saw your extension for our new angular project and found it very much aligned to our requirement. So, instead of writing a new directive I decided to use your extension.
    Thanks for your effort.

    I have some requirements -

    1. Need to include a title for the information panel
    2. Want my icons to be different from original icons (instead of done/error check_circle in a different color for each state)
    3. It would be great if we could change the text color of info messages based on status.

    Note: If my required options are not already implemented I'm happy to collaborate and contribute.

    Anthony Nahas
    @umeshchaudhari9 this is already implemented in the demo app
    you should subscribe on address changed then provide the long and latitude data to agm map object
    @farseem thanks for your suggestions
    you are welcome to collaborate by providing an appropriate PR
    Hello! :)
    I am using the FAQ module, which is really nice, so thank you for that - but I have a few questions:
    • Does anybody else have a problem doing new lines in their answers? "\n" does not work at all.
    • Are there not anyway of removing the title header?
    Anthony Nahas
    "\n" will not work
    Are there not anyway of removing the title header? --> may you open an appropriate ticket on github for that
    Any way a new line is possible then? Some long answers get a little bit cramped without this possibility. :)
    hi there, I am getting this error
    ERROR in Directive FlexDirective in C:/ node_modules/@angular/flex-layout/flex/typings/index.d.ts has no selector, please add it!
    Hi! I'm using @angular-material-extension/select-country, I have a problem, when I click in te selector, there are a one or two seconds of delay. Are there some option to pre-load the countries? Thank you, the extension is awesome!
    Anthony Nahas
    @mogo-edenpark you should add angular flex layout or use the correct version if it's already installed
    and also Flag not showing. In console am getting 404 error
    add in angular.json
    "glob": "*/",
    "input": "./node_modules/svg-country-flags/svg",
    "output": "./node_modules/svg-country-flags/svg"
    but now showing
    Anthony Nahas
    is svg-country-flag already installed