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    Shalu Pundir
    Hello, Guys, anyone can help me here regarding Google Map autocomplete
    I am trying to implement that for Angular 9 and Seems not working as it through an error
    Shalu Pundir
    ERROR in The target entry-point "@angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete" has missing dependencies:
    • @angular/flex-layout
    Shalu Pundir

    Even When I am trying to clone demo app Its seems not working for me
    Can you guys please help me out here

    import {Appearance} from '@angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete';

    9 import {MatGoogleMapsAutocompleteModule} from '@angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete';

    ERROR in src/app/app.component.ts:2:51 - error TS2307: Cannot find module '@angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete'.

    2 import {Appearance, GermanAddress, Location} from '@angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete';
    Shalu Pundir
    @AnthonyNahas Hi
    hi @AnthonyNahas , i try to use fab menu but it not display in my html . i don't have any error or something , can you help me ?
    and remove this color = "primary" because ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Invalid color: primary
    ERROR in The target entry-point "ngx-auth-firebaseui" has missing dependencies:
    • @angular-material-extensions/password-strength
    How to overcome this error
    Anthony Nahas
    @shalupundir_gitlab do you gave flex layout installed ?
    @fzucchet PLease open a related issue in github
    @Shalini-2818 is password strength lib installed ?
    Anthony Liriano
    Hi is there a way to change the font-size of the search results. Looks like modifying .pac-container, .pac-item is not working for me :S
    Anthony Liriano
    nvm, got it thank
    Anthony Nahas
    @anthonyliriano PLease specify the related project ...
    @AnthonyNahas i'm trying to use google maps autocomplete but i'm having an issue where i can't bind either the country or the component restrictions to a variable, it seems to have to be hard coded
    Anthony Nahas
    this should work
    can you post a snippet of your code ?
    Brahmadev Pandey
    Hi Anthony

    for https://angular-material-extensions.github.io/link-preview/doc/index.html
    Is I can run without using this URL and access key ?
    export class MatLinkPreviewService {

    private _accessKey = '5b54e80a65c77848ceaa4630331e8384950e09d392365';
    private _apiURL = 'https://api.linkpreview.net/';

    @AnthonyNahas Can I store the result of the google-maps-autocomplete into sessionStorage and then load the auto complete field on page load if the value exists in the sessionStorage?
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    Ryan Martin
    I keep hitting npm errors like this when trying to install @angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete
    npm ERR! While resolving: entity-monorepo-prototype@0.0.1
    npm ERR! Found: zone.js@0.11.3
    npm ERR! node_modules/zone.js
    npm ERR!   zone.js@"^0.11.1" from the root project
    npm ERR!   peer zone.js@"~0.11.1" from @angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete@6.0.0
    npm ERR!   node_modules/@angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete
    npm ERR!     @angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete@"*" from the root project
    npm ERR! 
    npm ERR! Could not resolve dependency:
    npm ERR! peer zone.js@"~0.10.3" from @angular/core@10.2.3
    npm ERR! node_modules/@angular/core
    npm ERR!   @angular/core@"^10.1.4" from the root project
    npm ERR!   peer @angular/core@"^9.1.0 || ^10.0.0" from @agm/core@3.0.0-beta.0
    npm ERR!   node_modules/@agm/core
    npm ERR!     peer @agm/core@"^3.0.0-beta.0" from @angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete@6.0.0
    npm ERR!     node_modules/@angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete
    npm ERR!       @angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete@"*" from the root project
    npm ERR!   1 more (@angular/common)
    npm ERR! 
    npm ERR! Fix the upstream dependency conflict, or retry
    npm ERR! this command with --force, or --legacy-peer-deps
    npm ERR! to accept an incorrect (and potentially broken) dependency resolution.
    npm ERR! 
    npm ERR! See /Users/ryan/.npm/eresolve-report.txt for a full report.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Once I start up and downgrading packages things start getting more wonky
    Ryan Craig Martin
    I was able to get it working. Does anyone know of a good way to repopulate a previously selected value and force the selection on an input with the directive?
    Ryan Craig Martin
    Hi has anyone managed to get bounds working with google-maps-autocomplete? or is it possible? strictBounds is an option in the API docs but not bounds..
    Does anyone know if using bounds is possible within the angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete library?
    bounds ?
    what are you trying to do with bounds?
    Andrii Neverov
    Hi @AnthonyNahas, pls review Angular 11 Schematics fix angular-material-extensions/password-strength#318