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    anyone here?
    Anthony Nahas
    how can I help?
    I have a question regarding "@angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete"
    There's this issue that I've noticed too (https://github.com/angular-material-extensions/google-maps-autocomplete/issues/191#issue-494991433)
    Anthony Nahas
    whats wrong ?
    @AnthonyNahas Hello,
    I have used @angular-material-extensions/password-strength for password and confirm password
    in this package confirm password validation is not working
    can you make it demo for this?
    According to me when I check GitHub code the validation is written in code but in the angular package, there is no such code for validation.
    Please help as soon as possible.
    Thank you in advance.
    Ephraim Khantsis
    @AnthonyNahas the google maps autocomplete doesn't work with the new google maps api version
    works on 3.37, fails on 3.38
    Anthony Nahas
    @rahulkathar I've already have a demo section for that:
    Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-20 um 05.50.46.png
    Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-20 um 05.50.37.png
    @doom777 how are getting the new google maps api 3.38 ?
    Anthony Nahas
    Angular material password strength V6 is now supporting angular V9
    Check this update out! I would love to hear from you <3
    Sander Breivik
    @AnthonyNahas Hi!
    Just checked out the FabMenu Extension. Can you do any actions with the menu icons? From the documentation it looks like the 'onFabMenuItemSelected' -method might be what I'm looking for, but I am not fully in the loop.
    Anthony Nahas
    of course
    onFabMenuItemSelected is an event emitter
    whenever a menu is clicked its I'd will be fired and emitted
    in order to implement ur logic in your component
    Anthony Nahas

    I am proud to publish ngx-auth-firebaseui v4 that supports angular v9


    A big thanks for the community that is helping this library to grow up

    I would like to head your feedback <3

    Sander Breivik
    @AnthonyNahas I cannot compile my code after installing FabMenu.
    I get this error
    ERROR in ./node_modules/@angular-material-extensions/fab-menu/fesm2015/angular-material-extensions-fab-menu.js
    Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '@angular/flex-layout' in '\node_modules\@angular-material-extensions\fab-menu\fesm2015'
    Should I just install @angular/flex-layout?
    Sander Breivik
    I had to run npm i @angular/flex-layout@8.0.0-beta.27 since I was using Angular 8.
    However, the onFabMenuItemSelected event is emitting twice. So toggle functions are not working. Any ideas @AnthonyNahas?
    Sander Breivik
    angular-material-extensions/fab-menu#1 I created an issue on GitHub
    Sebastián Rojas Ricaurte
    demo is broken
    Sebastián Rojas Ricaurte
    Anthony Nahas
    I'm gonna check that the weekend

    Hi! I have a question how to use @angular-material-extensions/select-country.
    I would like to use mat-select-country as a part of my form. But when I add it as a component it's not registrated by form. Here is how I add it:

    <mat-select-country appearance="standard"
                                  label="Select country"

    And here is how I initiate:

    ngOnInit() {
        this.createHomeForm = this.formBuilder.group({
          name: ['Name here', [Validators.required]],

    As a result I'm getting this "Error: No value accessor for form control with name: 'country'"

    Anthony Nahas
    @SanderBreivik I will check that
    @olgavzhe the select country does not support right now reactive forms
    PR are welcome
    Stefan Sechelmann
    Hey @AnthonyNahas, great job with the Angular material extensions. Thanks for that 👍
    Anthony Nahas
    @sechel ur welcome 🍻👍
    Hector CyC
    Anthony Nahas
    Wassim Mehanna
    Is it the right place to get support ?
    Wassim Mehanna

    I'm using MatInputDialogData in my project.
    when using it with ng server I get no issues.

    when building it with ng b --prod --optimization=false I get :
    ERROR in ./node_modules/@angular-material-extensions/core/core.ngfactory.js Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'core' in 'C:\git\myProject\node_modules\@angular-material-extensions\core'

    i've been on this for the past few hours and can't figure out what's wrong
    using angular 8.2.3
    Anthony Nahas
    @angular-material-extensions/core this package is actually deprecated
    please try to use @angular-material-extensions/dialogs
    Hey @AnthonyNahas
    I found a small Markdown error in your README and fixed it.
    Please merge it or react to my pull request ;)
    Stay healthy...
    Anthony Nahas
    Anthony Nahas
    I am proud to introduce today ngx-storage-firebaseui , open source angular library created with angular material for firebase storage. Upload with one click multiple images to firebase. If you are familiar with ngx-auth-firebaseui, you would to add this lib to your project! Any feedback and comments are welcome! A big thanks for the angular community
    martinez del prenois
    Hey Anthony.
    I tried using @angular-materials-extensions/select-country, But I keep getting the following error; The target entry-point "@angular-material-extensions/select-country" has missing dependencies:
    • @angular/core
    • @angular/common
    • rxjs/operators
    • @angular/forms
    • rxjs
    Know how to fix it?