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Repo info
    Hey guys, I have this config:
    i18nextract: {
                default_options: {
                    src: ["<%= app_files.js %>", "<%= app_files.atpl %>", "<%= app_files.ctpl %>", "<%= app_files.html %>"],
                    dest: "<%= build_dir %>/assets/locales",
                    lang: ['fr_FR', 'en_US', 'de_DE', 'it_IT', 'es_ES'],
                    defaultLang: "en_US",
                    prefix: "",
                    suffix: ".json"
    And my conf build file has:
    app_files: {
        js: [
        jsunit: ["src/**/*.spec.js"],
        jse2e: ["src/**/*.scenario.js"],
        atpl: ["src/app/**/*.tpl.html"],
        ctpl: ["src/common/**/*.tpl.html"],
        html: ["src/index.html", "src/admin.html"],
        sass: ["src/sass/application.scss", "src/sass/admin.scss"]
    How can I pass files in src?
    Ignacio Antonelli
    hello everybody!
    quick question...I'm not entirely sure what this module is about and if it's going to be useful for me
    I read the readme file, but I'm still not sure what it does, forgive me ignorance, can someone give me a brief?
    Benjamin Longearet
    Hey @nachoargentina this tak extract all translations key from your source file.
    It means that it allows you to build .json files from your source code.
    Manuel Mazzuola
    Hi @firehist

    I wonder why grunt-angular-translate doesn't extract translations' ids to a POT file so then it can be translated and saved as PO file.
    Next we can use the grunt-po2json-angular-translate plugin to make translations available to angular-translate module.

    <any translate="MY_STRING_ID"></any>


    # en.po
    #: app/views/myview.html:30
    msgctxt "myview"
    msgid "MY_STRING_ID"
    msgstr "Hi everybody"

    The msgctxt parameter is really usefull because it indicates the mesgid context, it can be populated with the file name where the translations are extracted.

    Josua Pedersen
    grunt-angular-translate doesn't seem to be working as expected since it won't extract into .po files, any version I could use where this is working?
    Marjana Voronina
    Hello! I have some existing translations in a .json file. How can I generate new translations to the same file without losing existing ones?