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Repo info
    How to handle huge of nodes in a tree structure (more than 5000 nodes)?
    Issue: My browser is hanging due to this massive no of records
    Please anyone help me to fix this issue
    Hello. I'm trying to use the tree in an Asp.net MVC application with VS2017. I'm also new to AngularJS. Are there any examples that I can look at as I'm struggling to show any data in the tree. TIA, Dave.
    Niels Dequeker
    Hi guys, i need mark the select a line on the click ,
    can someone help me?
    Sumit Chauhan
    hi Guys, i need a help with angular ui tree. I am trying to expand a node on click of button which is not a part of tree. I've seen how to expand all and collapse all but not able to figure out how to expand or collapse one node.
    Giorgi Sharvadze
    Hi, anyone knows similar component for Vuejs?

    How can I get the new order of array after drag and drop item - I am using the callback function dropped:

    initial order :

    [  0 : { id: 6 },
                1 : { id: 7 },
                2 : { id: 8 }
    console.log("Array after dropped : ");
    console.log(" 0 index element in the Array: ");
    Array after Dropped: 
       0 : { id: 8 },
       1 : { id: 6 },
       2 : { id: 7 }
    0 index element in the Array:
    { id: 6 }  // it suppose to be {id: 8}

    May I missing anything?

    @oguzAtes Reference - https://jsfiddle.net/0uzmoy34/296/
    Hi every one, i'm new here.
    duplicate issue.png
    Hi any one has any idea about how to clone item in the same list like duplicate in the following screen shot
    i have some trouble.Anybody can help me?
    Nicklas Börjesson
    @Sanghamitranew I would highly recommend describing the trouble you have.
    i am trying to add new parent node.But somehow its not working
    please help me
    Hello there. This library is so good I can’t find something half as good anywhere else. Which brings me here because I need to use it in an angular4 project and I’m kinda stuck ! Any plan for angular2/4 version that is just as good ?
    @isreehari @Voles Same problem for me, seems to be a regression in 2.22.6, switching back to 2.22.5 solved it.
    so, i've followed the github instructions and implemented angular-ui-tree and have a basic tree displaying. I copied the basic example. The css is loaded by the browser and there are no js errors, but the tree nodes dont seem draggable and the css doesnt look anything like the basic example. Have i done something wrong ?
    found my issue. ui.tree was registered in a different module to my directive. My bad

    Hi guys,

    Is there any way to check childrens in destination nodes

    I want to check duplicate note when moving
    Adam Abed Abud
    Hi everyone,
    I just started learning how to use angular-ui-tree. Does anyone know how to extract information from a REST server ? I'm having a hard time loading the data on demand...
    Hello, I really need some help with the remove function for a scope. Is it possible to remove all child nodes of scope.$parentNodesScope.$childNodesScope without removing the $parentNodesScope itself?
    For example, I click on a node, and want to remove all nodes on the same Leben
    Kristaps Kerpe
    Hey everyone, can I use angular-ui-tree with angularjs 1.6.7 ?
    @kerpekri Yes. I am successfully using it with AngularJs 1.6.7.
    Kristaps Kerpe
    @crackedcornjimmy do you have any good examples how to use it with angularjs?
    hello everybody
    Is this plugin still supported?
    is there a getNodeScopeById API, if not how would I go about implementing one.
    Daniel MV
    Hi there, just wanted to know if this library is too outdated or still being mantained.
    Vibhor Agarwal
    Hi, I'm using angular-ui-tree with anguarJs. While using auto-scrolling feature, it works when the page is static but failed to work when the templates are rendered dynamically using angular. I investigated and found that scrollContainerElmRect = scrollContainerElm.getBoundingClientRect(); returns zero for all the dimensions if the page isn't loaded. Is it so? can you help me how to rectify this issue?
    Hello, Are there anyone able to setup the Angular-ui-tree with the ASP.NET Web Form?
    Balaji Prasad
    Is there a problem with the npm dependency?
    I have added angular-ui-tree dependency in package.json and not in bower.json
    There are errors in console
    Hi. Why can't I drag one item to another if there is no nesting in it? Is this a badly configured ui-tree or a problem in something else?
    Hi, is there any way we can increase the width of the angular tree dynamically if the name of any node exceeds width?? because in my case i have to highlight the node completely when i scroll horizontally, if the name of the node overflows!! but left with default width?? any suggestions?
    If i filter the tree nodes and when i do expand, not able to see the child nodes of the filtered node, any solution how we can do this??
    Wellington de Oliveira
    Hello... does anyone know how to work with angular-ui-tree in angular4
    Hello all
    i need Angular 11 tree that works via drag and drop
    any sample code or package avilable