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Repo info
    siv Johansson
    Could it be possible to put an image in any time slot, like 1 hour or one day?
    Vivek Singh
    can anyone help me about prevent select past date in materialize calendar
    mahendra kavathiya
    Can we have 1.0.2 ?
    i want fullcalendar 2.7.X on 1.5.3 angular
    Richard DesLonde
    In github the current version is 1.0.2, but bower isn't picking it up. Bower only sees up through 1.0.2. Why can't bower see 1.0.2?
    Barnabás Oláh
    hi everyone, I checked the project on I can only download the 0.9.0-beta.1 as classic webjars are there any news on when the 1.0.+ going to be deployed as a classic webjar?
    hi all, I need to Develop a small Angularjs UI application which lets a user select a timeslot within the week where each day is divided into 3 timeslots.
    how can I go about this with calender UI
    Hello , I want to know can we implement scheduler add on (premium one) with this Angular UI calender. Currently whatever the packages I have downloaded in that scheduler js file is not present.
    @Pythonwrangler ... what is premium one?? just found some WMF dishes... ;) did you bound the scripts to html page? Are u using nodejs with require?
    @eddiriarte :I mean the scheduler add on which is premium one and not comes in full file. If i am correct the angular ui calender uses only the full calender API which are free not the scheduler. So if I want to use scheduler inside the angular -ui,is it possible? I am using Angular js.
    i see... u could try to download the scheduler separately and configure the ui-calender directive to work with them...
    Chris Aitken
    Screenshot 2016-08-15 13.53.50.png

    Hi I have been trying out angular calendar but no matter what I try I can not get the dates to show up in the calendar my current code looks is a straight copy of the code that is on the example just to try and get something to display.

    I can modify the config and it will update the calendar but adding any events just does not show up. I am at a loss for what to do.

    My current setup is
    angular: 1.5.5
    angular-ui-calendar: 1.0.2,
    fullcalendar: 2.9.1

    Hello buddy
    Am finding some calender relevant code would anyone plz help me out
    Am going add calendar in Web app so
    WOULD anyone have added in
    Plz me
    @eddiriarte hello
    @eddiriarte could u plz help me out
    Am stuck with calendar plug in add in to my Web app
    Plz share with me on
    How can I show 'AM' for 'a' in UI Calender ?
    by default it shows 'a' for AM :(
    Arthur Vaverko
    Anyone can point me on how would i add a capability to display icons in the monthly view ?
    i wish to reserve the first row (where the date is) to display up to 3 icons.
    The icons preferably would be an event source with a date range and for every day an icon would be displayed ...
    @fossjoon ... would help you if i can, but what is exactly your problem.... you can find all details of usage in the readme-file and the demos in project
    @sharadit47 you can set following config in your calendar: timeFormat: 'H(:mm)a'
    @arthurvaverko to set additional icons in the month-view(inside the table) i would use just css... if you need custom handlings just define callbacks for dayClick, eventClick, select/unselect to get date, date-ranges and existing appointments
    Arthur Vaverko
    @eddiriarte i am using css right now as you suggested .. Thus aint enught becuse setting to absolute will cause all icons ro overlaap (i have 3 of these) and setting a margin for each will cause them to display in the same location even if only one exsist :(
    @arthurvaverko with some js magic its possible to infere the rendering process and add more icons
    Arthur Vaverko
    @eddiriarte Thank you ! I was not aware that there was a hook for dayRender .. this solves all the trouble i had... thank you !
    Gowri sankar.R
    Hey guys, Anyone has insite of this issue
    fullcalendar select callback not firing in mobile
    do we have cdn's...
    for ui-calendar...???
    anyways thanks i got it...
    Israel Perales
    are in vacations ?
    i need merge some pull request for fix bugs
    Hi, I have a problem. I do not receive any click events. Tried to change fullcalendar versions but nothing.