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Aug 2015
Adrien Crivelli
Aug 20 2015 02:04
I asked the team about it...
Adrien Crivelli
Aug 20 2015 08:05
according to @douglasduteil we're better off with one account per repo. He also mentionned: which is supposedly useful...
@NickTomlin if you have any kind of experience on that matter, I would gladly accept PR/help... because I never worked with SauceLabs before and won't have much time to invest into that ...
Douglas Duteil
Aug 20 2015 16:18
Just saying
  • geSaLaKaCuLa (for Generate SauceLabs Karma Custom Launchers) is a SauceLab browser config generator for the custom launchers options in Karma. It helps you write less to run your code in more SauceLab browser
  • reKaLa (for Recursive Karma Launcher) is a recursive wrapper to launch a lot of SauceLab browser without letting SauceLab queuing all (more effective for massive number of browsers)