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Dec 2015
Adrien Crivelli
Dec 02 2015 03:11
@lukepfeiffer10 I believe @NickTomlin's opinion would be interesting if he has time for that. But most likely you'll have to take the initiative here and start something on your own.
Again, I'm merely a maintainer here, I never used the lib, neither wrote actual code for it. So I don't have significant contributions to make unfortunately.
According to latest contributions, @Tim91084, @peterox, @toddbranch, @marbletravis and @dimrsilva may have some interest in a v2...
Adrien Crivelli
Dec 02 2015 03:19
If you are able to come up with a working v2, I'll add you to the team so you can work directly on the official repo
Luke Pfeiffer
Dec 02 2015 14:56
@PowerKiKi Thanks for insight. I just started really digging into the code so I'm not really familiar yet what some of the wonky things are mentioned by @NickTomlin. Hopefully he will have some time to talk about it and we can get something put together.