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Dec 2015
Adrien Crivelli
Dec 03 2015 00:45
@lukepfeiffer10 one wanted feature would be to have a filter service (angular-ui/ui-mask#31). More generally speaking, that would mean a better split architecture (smaller "modules" that you can put together). Attributes may be confusing, and I'm wondering if a somehow unified way to configure the directive would be better. But what seems to be the biggest PITA are all the edge cases on different browers/OS and configurations (placeholder corruption, broken behavior when combined with other directives, integration with validation system). I think comprehensive tests should be a very strong point for a v2.
Nick Tomlin
Dec 03 2015 23:10
Sorry to chime in late here. I completely agree with @PowerKiKi that tests are the most important thing to stop regressions and weird bugs from popping up