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Jul 2017
Sebastian Wierzbicki
Jul 24 2017 17:26

I dont know if it’s a good channel for that. But i’ll try…
I use a ui-mask plugin in angular 1.5.x
And strange thing happend. I include <script> tag into my html and

<script type="text/javascript" src="bower_components/angular-ui-mask/dist/mask.js"></script>

. I added ui.mask in my app module dependencies. I add to my app.config.js this peace of code:

        .config(['uiMask.ConfigProvider', function(uiMaskConfigProvider) {

And after minification and concatenation. I have an error about problem with injecting ConfigProvider.
I was trying to compare content of bower_components/angular-ui-mask/dist/mask.js with minified components.js and there wasnt some part of code :O

And i dont know if it’s a grunt problem or ui-mask problem :(
Sebastian Wierzbicki
Jul 24 2017 20:53