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May 2015
May 21 2015 07:54
hey guys, thanks for the great select component first.
i have a question about changing the model for a single binded property
' <ui-select ng-model="">
<ui-select-choices repeat=" as item in reports | filter: $">
<div ng-bind-html=" | highlight: $"></div>
given your example
from the wiki
May 21 2015 07:59
when i change to a different id, there is some change happening but the text in ui-select-match is empty
how can i handle that properly ?
Ben Orozco
May 21 2015 15:14
Shouldn't ng-model be set to "card" only?
Brad Davis
May 21 2015 16:25
Anyone kind enough to look at this question I opened yesterday?
Ben Orozco
May 21 2015 17:50
What do you want to be selected? A parent or a child node?
If you want to select a parent you might use only 1 select, and display the nested data inline, like the 2nd example here:
if you want to select a child, I'm not sure if you could use ancient optgroup's like the example you posted in stackoverflow (
but as a matter of fact I have a simmiliar use case
and my solution is to use not one but two selects in cascade
Ben Orozco
May 21 2015 17:56
Here's an example (with regular selects):
Ben Orozco
May 21 2015 18:04
Already answerd your stackoverflow post