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Jun 2015
Maik Diepenbroek
Jun 03 2015 07:28
I removed ui-select and had to depend on my own fork, please merge my PR: angular-ui/ui-select#951
Justin Romaine
Jun 03 2015 09:24
@maikdiepenbroek so you had similar issues?
Maik Diepenbroek
Jun 03 2015 10:28
Nah, not those kind of issues.
I added select all and clear
Ben Tesser
Jun 03 2015 22:31
Hey all. I'm having a weird issue where even the $scope.$select.items.length > 0, the ng-hide class never gets removed from the list of items. If I manually remove the class, the list displays fine. There is an issue someone posted describing the same behavior. [angular-ui/ui-select#921] Does anyone have any ideas?