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Jul 2015
Zach Barnes
Jul 16 2015 13:55
Hi all, has anyone fixed the issue with async loading not removing selected items from the dropdown? tried the fix in #1019, but when refresh is called, list is out of sync again
@Pietro-Vis setting ng-model on the ui-select to a variable on your scope will give you access to the selected value in your controller
Nicolas Rodriguez Gregorio
Jul 16 2015 15:38
hi How is redirected from one page to another in Angular?
Mark D Johnson
Jul 16 2015 17:18
Hi I'm trying to get minimum input to work (at least 3 characters before search) in a non-async scenario. My list is over 1000 and I want to prevent searches on the first 3 keystrokes. How can I accomplish this?
Mark D Johnson
Jul 16 2015 20:57
I figured it out line 313 in select.js 'if (!ctrl.disabled && ! && > 2)'
Duke Ayers
Jul 16 2015 22:36
Does one-time data binding work in the more recent versions or a to make this happen?