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Jul 2015
Joel Doyle
Jul 20 2015 20:18
Can anyone explain what "e.match is not a function" means? I get this error in the browser(chrome) dev console whenever I enter a character into a multiple tagging ui-select directive
The directive is working fine, but this error message is annoying me and I can't figure out what's causing it
Joel Doyle
Jul 20 2015 20:26
Also, my middle mouse wheel does not scroll the selections in the dropdown
Jul 20 2015 21:44
try using the uncompressed version, you will probably get more clarifying errors
Joel Doyle
Jul 20 2015 22:44
That didn't have any effect :/
There is also some weird stuff going on where the input size is shrunk down to 10px
So you have to click just in the right spot to enable the ui-select
The error is still the same
Joel Doyle
Jul 20 2015 22:58
I'm surprised how many bugs I found using this code. I wish I had time to help fix it :worried: