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Aug 2015
Aug 06 2015 14:54

Hi guys, I stuck with issue while using angular-ui/ui-select , the problem which I am facing is by applying theme SELECT2 search is not working but with default theme bootstrap it's working fine
<ui-select ng-model="" id="country" name="country" theme="select2">
<ui-select-match placeholder="{{'Select' | translate}}">{{$}}
<ui-select-choices repeat="country in countries | searchFilter:{name:$}" >
<div ng-bind-html=" |highlight: $"></div>
please let me know what I am missing , I followed this Link

Note: Before We used to work with Jquery and Select2.js so we want to replace that

Aug 06 2015 15:19
Hi guys using country code I want to display country flag codes too how could it possible to display country flags using codes with jquery select2 component as css flags are coming ".select2-container.currency .select2-choice > .select2-chosen .flag {
margin-right: 0.5em;
position: relative;
top: -6px;
display: inline-block;