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Sep 2015
Sep 30 2015 07:07
someone could help me? angular-ui/ui-select#1197
someone could help me? angular-ui/ui-select#1197
Sep 30 2015 12:13
Niels Lindenthal
Sep 30 2015 13:41
Hi UI-select team,
Thanks a lot for all the effort you put into this project. We heavily use it in OpenProject. So please let us know if we can buy the team a beer or two. Or if we can help out with some bugfixes, e.g. in the accessibility area.
Sep 30 2015 15:10
Someone know how can I to select all in multiple select qith ui-select?
Sep 30 2015 15:14
someone could help me? angular-ui/ui-select#1197
Jake Chapman
Sep 30 2015 17:31
Hey whats going on everyone. I'm fairly new to angular, and am looking for some direction on a problem. I need to add a custom set of buttons when the typeahead dropdown is active above the ui-select-choices. everything that is within the <ui-select> directive gets wiped unless it's part of the directive itself. Is there a way of transcluding this extra content to show up correctly?