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Dec 2018
Dec 08 2018 03:12
I have 3000 items I used element select but it very slow with large Select Lists, any help
Dec 08 2018 05:05
You and me both, friend. There's a PR that I understand might fix the problem but no work is being done on this project any more. We've been stuck on angular 1.4 for at least 2 years now because of this (granted I haven't done any work on this since then) but now we're at the point where we absolutely have to upgrade so I'll be working on either a fix or a workaround next week. I can keep you posted on my findings if you want. Seems to me that you don't need an actual fix, tho... in your case there is no way users are going to scroll through 3000 items, so you might want to just filter your recordset with | limitTo you'll need to somehow make sure that whatever option(s) is(are) select(ed) and make sure they appear in the initial subset that is shown, tho.
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