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    Y. John Ararat
    sorry, was afk for a while, had to solve an issue here :)
    No worries. AFK for me as well
    Any one use call directory .
    in ionic
    please reply
    what do you mean call directory
    like links to phone numbers??
    hello guys, i am trying to save the photo taken from camera to the ionic(v4) storage using storage.set function. And getting the saved photo using storage.get function and storing it in an array. I want only the latest photo to show in the template. But for me all the photos are showing. please tell me how to resolve this issue. .
    Hi everyone how can I add cordova.js to IONIC 4 project ?
    I can not run ionic serve --devapp because cordova is not available
    use this command
    npm i cordova
    then run ionic serve
    to test your app
    help please
    Raghav Pamnani
    hi eveyone
    i need some help
    Nicolas EL HAYEK
    hi everyone i made a donwload service in my ionic application but i got a problem when i use it in ios, The tuto i used is here https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/reference/cordova-plugin-file/index.html . When i try to download file in ios i have a success status but
    no file is present in directory. (The services work in android). Can i have some help pls thanks
    (i used native File plugin to write the file)
    Building native app in ionic 4 is troubling. Getting tons of errors.
    Daniel Goncalves
    What errors are you facing @extsalt ? If the errors occur during transpiling to native code I’d suggest you use appflow and do cloud builds for iOS and Android
    Kinslert Daniel Virguez
    Hello guys
    Does anybody know how to take benefit of calling following script on each pagination
    Script is
    history.replaceState(state, title, url)
    will it increase your seo or crawling of your site
    Uday Ghulaxe
    App is stuck of Splash screen, ionic 4
    karthikeyan N P
    Hello guys
    Any idea how to trigger the <ion-checkbox> inside the component?
    Yuri Reis
    hello @KarthickAthlet . You still have the issue mentioned above? If yes, you can try to do the task with @Input() and @Ouput() properties
    because you probably want to get the final result on the parent component (unless you are implementing a smart component)
    good afternoon guys. I need some help with config.xml file. Anyone knows How Can I set an explicit activity class on it?
    I'm receiving that error when I try to use launchNavigator plugin (google maps, uber, and so on...): ionic Unable to find explicit activity class {com.google.android.apps.maps/com.google.android.maps.MapsActivity}
    David Heredia Tartajo
    hello, someone know if ionic 2, or more, allow multiple directives in differents pages?
    i put an example, i want a custom view in a page but that custom view i also want in another page of the app, i tested with custom directive and in 1 page work, in 2 not... i need some help because i know that in ionic 1 with angularjs works perfectly because i did, but now i dont know if ionic 2 allow this...
    any way to prevent back in ionic-back-button
    Vladimir Tolstikov
    Hi there. Cordova plugin leaving NgZone somehow (observables used), does anybody know how to prevent? Tried to wrap some parts in ngZone.run -- no luck.
    Hello All,
    I am creating a ionic application in which I am trying to integrate the Azure AD B2C Login. I came across the related documentation in the official ionic website https://ionicframework.com/docs/enterprise/auth-connect/azure-ad-b2c
    but the package used here @ionic-enterprise/auth-connect doesn't exists on the npm registry.
    Can someone help me with this ?
    Hi all, can someone help me out? dpa99c/cordova-plugin-firebasex#247
    Which version of angular i can use with ionic 4.
    Can i develope apps for iPhone platform using ionic.
    Hi all, does the ionic https://ionicframework.com/docs/enterprise/auth-connect use pkce at all?
    Alexandre Brandão
    @masterom77 Yes, sure you can do that. Using the CORDOVA or the new CAPACITOR (That is from the IONIC team project)
    @masterom77 Look at the CAPACITOR page -> https://capacitor.ionicframework.com/
    Hi, I would like to use the Android "workmanager" to launch validations periodically. Do you have any leads for this?
    how to show snapshot image of lat lng using geolocation in ionic