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    Yuri Reis
    @pratik541_gitlab Hi Pratik. I Don't know if I got your point but, if the project is under some version control system you can go to the project starter commit and look to package.json file
    Hello. In my records collection each doc has a map - children. How does typescript know ' about the children map here ?
    Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 1.09.40 PM.png
    Doug Franklin
    Did you get my message about drag and drop?
    Kinslert Daniel Virguez
    Hello guys
    Denis Lavrov
    Hi, i'm using ionic + socket.io for my realtime chat. When user send message to other people, it must notify them about it. I want to use notifications with socket.io. How can I do that?
    Anyone knows how to generate a IPA (Ios file) without developer account ? Thanks
    Y. John Ararat
    Anyone had issues with deploying on iOS and getting a white screen after splash screen (ionic v4)? how did you solve it?
    Surya Teja
    I am having a problem with google maps plugin. Can someone please help me ?
    Y. John Ararat
    @suryakvm what is the problem?
    In my Ionic 4 app, ngOnInit() gets fired each time a page is navigated. I'm lazy loading the page. Should it be this way?
    according to this article: https://medium.com/@paulstelzer/ionic-4-and-the-lifecycle-hooks-4fe9eabb2864
    ngonInit will not be fired if you come back to a page after putting it into a stack
    I'm using Angular's native router
    Y. John Ararat
    @CodeTropolis if I am correct, ngOnInit() is fired every time a view is added to the stack, it will not be fired if you remove a view from the stack.
    Ok, so then even though its a lazy loaded module and gets downloaded upon first visit (which I thought would remain in memory), each time it is visited, it still gets added to a the stack...I didn't think it would be like that.
    Y. John Ararat
    the angular runs it every first time it displays the data-bound properties and sets stuff in the component, when you pop a item from the stack you effectivly removing it and when you add it again it will run the ngOnInit again (I believe that would be the case).
    another scenario that could be at play is that you don't pop items, which means you just add items on the stacks, can't be sure from the code you shared :)
    i'm using Angular's native router. Not doing anything esoteric. Not altering change detection either...
    at this point it isn't a big deal. Just curious.
    Y. John Ararat
    that's cool, I hope I managed to help a bit
    I appreciate your input. Just odd that with Ionic the ngONInit now fires each time. I thought it wasn't that way in vanilla Angular
    So I see with using the Angular router that my lazy loaded page modules are in fact destroyed upon navigating away
    well one of them executes ngOnDestroy but the other does not... sheesh.
    import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
    import { PreloadAllModules, RouterModule, Routes } from '@angular/router';
    const routes: Routes = [
      // { path: '', loadChildren: './tabs/tabs.module#TabsPageModule' },
      { path: '', loadChildren: './pages/students/students.module#StudentsPageModule' },
      { path: 'students', loadChildren: './pages/students/students.module#StudentsPageModule' },
      { path: 'financials', loadChildren: './pages/financials/financials.module#FinancialsPageModule' },
      imports: [
        RouterModule.forRoot(routes, { preloadingStrategy: PreloadAllModules })
      exports: [RouterModule]
    export class AppRoutingModule {}
    navigating from financials to students: ngOnDestroy gets called on financials, however, navigating from students to financials, it does not get called on students...
    well anyways, if it becomes an issue, i'll create a stackblitz
    Y. John Ararat
    sorry, was afk for a while, had to solve an issue here :)
    No worries. AFK for me as well
    Any one use call directory .
    in ionic
    please reply
    what do you mean call directory
    like links to phone numbers??
    hello guys, i am trying to save the photo taken from camera to the ionic(v4) storage using storage.set function. And getting the saved photo using storage.get function and storing it in an array. I want only the latest photo to show in the template. But for me all the photos are showing. please tell me how to resolve this issue. .
    Hi everyone how can I add cordova.js to IONIC 4 project ?
    I can not run ionic serve --devapp because cordova is not available
    use this command
    npm i cordova
    then run ionic serve
    to test your app
    help please
    Raghav Pamnani
    hi eveyone
    i need some help
    Nicolas EL HAYEK
    hi everyone i made a donwload service in my ionic application but i got a problem when i use it in ios, The tuto i used is here https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/reference/cordova-plugin-file/index.html . When i try to download file in ios i have a success status but
    no file is present in directory. (The services work in android). Can i have some help pls thanks
    (i used native File plugin to write the file)