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Mar 2015
Andrew Joslin
Mar 30 2015 18:16
how can I get ahold of an existing ElementInjector?
I'm using Compiler#compile to compile a component
but to instantiate the resulting protoView I need an instance of an element injector
I'd prefer to use a child element injector of the current component, the one from which I"m compiling
Andrew Joslin
Mar 30 2015 18:33
I'm trying to get a parent component to instantiate a child component
I've compiled the component, instantiated its view (with a null ElementInjector for now), but now I need more things to get it to actually fit in with its parent component
to hydrate it properly
making progress
Miško Hevery
Mar 30 2015 21:15
@ajoslin you can not get a hold of ElementInjector
Can you tell me more about what you are trying to do and why is dynamic component loading not working for you?