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Apr 2015
Andrew Joslin
Apr 22 2015 14:49
hey Misko
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so I have a 'webview' service, which exposes methods like setFullScreen(true), showStatusBar(false), etc
it talks to Cordova or or node-webkit or whatever is wrapping the webview.
when the app is bootstrapped, I want to bind the 'Weview' service to 'CordovaWebview' if the app is running in Cordova
of 'NodeWebkitWebview' if the app is running in node-webkit
I know this can be done in the bootstrap function, but I don't want to force Ionic users to use our own Ionic bootstrap function (just feels like taking over a bit too much)
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Miško Hevery
Apr 22 2015 15:12
you can do few things
bootstrap(IonicShell, [ionicModule(IonicApp)]);
Miško Hevery
Apr 22 2015 23:17