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Apr 2016
Asanka Jayasundara
Apr 23 2016 02:59 UTC
Hello everyone.. Im new to IONIC .I have to make a chat for my project. 1 to 1 mostly.
i have seen using and using some other ways.. Which is the best to implement?
Ionic chat using firebase or using
Apr 23 2016 16:03 UTC
@asanka94 firebase is a ready database. I do not need to do anything other than using to have functionality.
Asanka Jayasundara
Apr 23 2016 17:39 UTC
@cescoferraro im new to ionic. I have to make a one to one chat and public chat in my app. What is the best option to go with?
Apr 23 2016 19:09 UTC
@asanka94 I like firebase
Does anyone know how to setup Ionic2 project to build on INtellijIDEA. I can do it with Android studio,.
the error
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