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May 2016
Stephen Lautier
May 16 2016 10:05 UTC
Hi, have anyone configured ionic serve to use html5 routes e.g. historyApiFallback in order to not get 404's? thanks!
Egor Medvedev
May 16 2016 10:11 UTC

Hi guys! In my case I use ion-menu in app.js and try to change rootPage from child pages.

  1. Open side menu and select some item - work fine, rootPage change current page in view.
  2. In opened page change rootPage by NavController methods such as - setRoot(page) - works fine and main page changes
  3. But then I after this steps try to change rootPage from side menu - nothing changes.

What I do wrong? And why I can't provide NavController in @App component and use this method as standart for all other navigation manipulations?