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May 2016
David Bonnici
May 17 2016 05:22 UTC
It would be great if someone can shed some light on Stephen Lautier’s comment… I have the same problem :/
Pawlu Frendo
May 17 2016 06:55 UTC
Hey guys has anyone ever tried npm linking a module containing an angular2 component? :)
Clément Flodrops
May 17 2016 08:00 UTC
Hey guys. Noob question here : is it possible to install ionic 2 (this version: so with Angular rc1 compatibility) via npm ?
May 17 2016 08:01 UTC
Is there pull refresh on ionic 2 or not yet. cant seem to find anything in the documentation
Pawlu Frendo
May 17 2016 17:57 UTC
Hi Guys
Anyone know
what the IonicApp.getComponent has been replaced with?
looks like it has been depricated
Pawlu Frendo
May 17 2016 19:00 UTC
found it... if anyone meets this issue it's been deprecated as angular's @viewChild is handling what this was doing
David Bonnici
May 17 2016 19:06 UTC
thanks @PawluFrendo_twitter