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May 2016
Juan Suarez
May 30 2016 10:47
Hey guys, something stupid
But I need help
How can I make the header transparent and the content full-screen?
I can't get it to be transparent just using the transparent tag
Any help?
May 30 2016 15:47
background-color: transparent;
content parent element add style rule: width: 100%;
May 30 2016 19:04
Someone with problems with device back button in ionic v2 beta 7?
Don't work wehn accessing subpages with tabs, when you pulse back icon, app exits
In beta6 all runs propertly, but when i uptate to beta7, then the backbutton control is integrated in base app, and i can't fix the error
still working :(
Asanka Jayasundara
May 30 2016 20:02
anyone here?
Juan Suarez
May 30 2016 20:43
@mr-dignitty Ive tried that, Its not working I don’t know why, the header is still white...