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Jun 2016
Juan Suarez
Jun 07 2016 01:39
Using a slide with a input and the view is going out of the screen when focus the input, any help?
Jun 07 2016 04:11

im following the tutorial in ionic 2
var src = "../../../www/sound/hello.mp3";
var newFile = new MediaPlugin(src);
console.log('Media Plugin Instance:', newFile);;

the error is MediaPlayer mediaplayer NOT present

need help please
Cheryl Hanlon
Jun 07 2016 14:16
Hey quick question, apologies if I am being a n00b I am new to angular. But using ionic2/angular2 should I still be able to use bower packages in the same way i did as ionic1/angular1 ? thanks
Cheryl Hanlon
Jun 07 2016 14:23
btw simple yes or no answer is fine
François BIGOT
Jun 07 2016 14:23
Cheryl Hanlon
Jun 07 2016 14:24
great thanks - will go investigate :D just been looking around and trying to get it working. just making sure I am not trying to do the impossible :D