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Jun 2016
Asanka Jayasundara
Jun 11 2016 08:02
I can print a value like this {{post.a}}
how can i set that value to a input field?? <input value={{post.a}}/>
Tom Aalbers
Jun 11 2016 13:07
anyone had the error Uncaught TypeError: ionic_angular_1.ionicBootstrap is not a function when upgrading to beta 8?
Okafor Ikenna
Jun 11 2016 21:08
Hi, a newbie to this group and started working with ionic/angular 3 weeks ago. I am developing a mobile app(my first) and am using ion-tab to render multiple tabs and imitate Android sliding tabs. The tabs render OK but does not imitate the left/right swipe to switch tabs as is on Android. Has anyone here done something similar? I really need help resolving this issue, thanks.
Jun 11 2016 21:58
Just bought "Building Apps with Ionic 2" anyone wanna share to split the cost?
Rob Wormald
Jun 11 2016 22:05