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Jun 2016
Thai Huynh
Jun 14 2016 01:35
does anyone know how to listen to an event triggered on a page within the tabs component
Jun 14 2016 10:34
Any help with eventemitters for @Output?
Should this work? It used till we upgraded angular version. @Output() EventAuthenticated: EventEmitter<UserModel> = new EventEmitter();
Type 'EventEmitter<{}> is not assignable to type 'EventEmitter<string>
Jorge Rafael
Jun 14 2016 16:44
Hi guys, I'm new here. Please someone have a link about upload using firebase storage
Kim Biesbjerg
Jun 14 2016 17:55
@taxinvoice try EventEmitter<UserModel> = new EventEmitter<UserModel>();
Oscar Lagatta
Jun 14 2016 19:19
Hi all anyone can help me with training material
Up to date training material - videos and stuff ?
Ionic 2 specifically
Jun 14 2016 19:24
bought "Building Apps with Ionic 2" if you wanna share to split the cost?
Oscar Lagatta
Jun 14 2016 19:25
What you are proposing
Jun 14 2016 19:26
Split the cost
Oscar Lagatta
Jun 14 2016 19:26
How can you do that
Ah okay I understand now what's the cost