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Jun 2016
Jun 15 2016 10:23
did you buy Building Apps with Ionic 2 ?
can you please share it with me ?
Jun 15 2016 15:06
Ive split the cost with Oscar. I dont think i should distribute it nor split the cost further. Dont think its fair for the writer. It was a bit overpriced thats why i split the cost. Now the cost is reasonable
Jun 15 2016 16:46
Please split the cost in 3 with me
I really really need this
Im a dev in africa and sometimes these things can be pricy
Jun 15 2016 17:04
Please accept spliting the cost
Rob Wormald
Jun 15 2016 19:30
could we refrain from discussing file sharing in angular channels please? thank you.
Juan Suarez
Jun 15 2016 23:24
I am having some issues with SqlStorage
I don’t understand why when I try to get a value is always undefined
when I’ve set the value before...
any help?
storage.set('name', 'Max');
storage.get('name').then((name) => {
and name is undefined
Rob Wormald
Jun 15 2016 23:27
storage.set('name', 'Max').then(() => {
  return storage.get('name');
set is async too
Juan Suarez
Jun 15 2016 23:34
Well, this example is not my case
As I am setting the value in one view
and trying to get the value in another view or even closing the app and opening again
and still is empty
I can say I’ve added the sql plugin too
<plugin name="cordova-sqlite-storage" spec="~1.4.1" />
so, I don’t quite understand whats wrong :(