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Jun 2016
Ian Tang
Jun 20 2016 05:39

Hi guys!

i build my mobile app using IONIC framework. And i am in the midst of QC testing it on IOS and Android to ensure that it will run smoothly on IOS and Android.

I am more concern with the testing my app on multiple IOS and Android devices. I maybe wrong as i am new in this. What's your advice :)

My Question:
For IOS - do i have to test it on Iphone 3G to 6+
For Android - i am unsure.

Hoping to hear from the community.

Jun 20 2016 06:06
hello guys!!
i am getting Uncaught Error: [$rootScope:infdig] 10 $digest() iterations reached. Aborting! Watchers fired in the last 5 iterations. could you please help me? any idea?
Pawlu Frendo
Jun 20 2016 09:49
Hi Guys
Is there anyone from the Ionic team here? As I have some questions re: routing
Tommy Stomlien
Jun 20 2016 14:20
When dismissing a modal, and navigating I somehow lose my “back” button. This worked in previous versions (running beta 9 now). Any workarounds?
this._viewCtrl.dismiss().then(() => {
            this._store.dispatch({ type: SELECT_APPRAISAL, payload: tempId });